Picture Restoration

After reading an article in a magazine about restoring old pictures, I decided I wanted to have a go.

I searched public domain images, and found a damaged picture.


First I cropped the picture, then removed dust spots and worked on the scratches and blemishes.

civil-war-public-domain-03855v copy restored

Then I added some colour to emphasise the horse and rider.

civil-war-public-domain-03855v copy restored and coloured

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2 thoughts on “Picture Restoration

  1. So, are you going to share how you did it? What software did you use?

    • Hi, the software I used was adobe photoshop. There are a lot of processes used in the restoration, and as I am just learning how to use it I needed a lot of patience. I probably spent over 2 hours working on it. If you google restoring pictures with photoshop, there will no doubt be some tutorials online.

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